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“David Waldron is an experienced management consultant with well-developed skills in facilitation, program development, process management, organizational learning and sustainability. His significant experience designing and leading transformational change programs and processes is particularly valuable for leading in complexity to create a more sustainable future. He understands and he is comfortable to lead from a conceptual/strategic as well as from a practical/day-to-day perspective.”

Göran Carstedt, PHD, former senior executive with Volvo and IKEA. Former President, IKEA North America. Former Senior Director, Society for Organizational Learning and the Clinton Climate Initiative.

“Dave Waldron is an accomplished management consultant with international sustainability leadership experience and a unique blend of expertise. He combines effective facilitation and leadership skills with clear and thought-provoking processes leading to effective strategic plans, sustainability strategies and prioritized actions.  He and his team quietly help good organizations become better organizations.”

Jim Godfrey, former Chief Administrative Officer, Resort Municipality of Whistler and the Township of Langley, BC.

“With enthusiasm and confidence, I recommend Katie and Dave for their many skills, their unfailing integrity, and their warm and engaging presence. They are both experienced, competent planners and facilitators, deep and critical thinkers, collaborative leaders and partners, and a complete pleasure to work with.  They take a strategic and practical approach, tailoring their work to the specific context and constellation of project participants. Synapse Strategies offers a sophisticated, nuanced understanding of complex systemic challenges like sustainability, food systems, energy and climate, and homelessness. I and my colleagues at MIG are actively seeking opportunities to work with Dave and Katie again.”

Carolyn Verheyen, Vice President and COO of MIG, Inc., Berkeley, California.

“Dave is a leading planning practitioner able to effectively bridge leading theory with professional practice, including the use of practical tools for connecting short-term actions with long range plans. He brings original thinking and lessons from various fields to inform impactful and enduring outcomes for communities and organizations. His experience in the areas of sustainability leadership, engineering, planning, systems thinking, and organizational development provides a unique combination of knowledge and practice seldom found in planning organizations or departments.”

  Michael White, MCIP, Associate Vice President, Campus and Community Planning, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.