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Our Services.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Strategic Foresight Analysis. Strategic sustainability scans to improve sustainability literacy and identify systemic trends, emerging issues, risks and opportunities.

  • Planning Processes. Participant engagement, process design, executive leadership support, facilitation, synthesis reports.

  • Targeted Context Reviews Insight Reports. Review and synthesis reporting on current practices (e.g. through Appreciative Inquiry), alternative scenarios, imaginaries (and consequences) and opportunities.

  • Executive Sustainability Coaching. Inquiry and dialogue to surface practical implications of systems thinking, foresight, strategy and regeneration (for senior managers without time to spare)!

  • Professional Writing Services. Discussion papers, process outlines, Memorandums of Understandings, strategic plans and proposals.

  • Program Development. Team-building, program planning, program development and on-going program leadership and management.

  • Presentations. Engaging keynote presentations on Strategic Sustainability Leadership and targeted lectures and presentations for businesses, communities and post-secondary institutions.

  • Event Planning and Facilitation. Collaborative planning of summits, workshops and retreats (from 4 to 400 participants): visioning, goal-setting, pre-event planning and engagement processes, agenda design, facilitation, synthesis reports (including use of facilitated dialogue and other methods such as Dialogue Café, Open Space Technology, technology-supported real-time decision-making, etc.).

  • Emerging Issues Review. For example, making sense of the latest ESG, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainability Standards, implication of sustainability science (including climate science), public policy topics, sustainable urbanism, watershed management.

  • Special Project Partnerships. Call us, to find out more!