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At Synapse Strategies, we help you and your organization unlock
foresight to discover and create strategic, practical and energizing pathways forward.


How can strategic foresight prepare organizations
and communities for future success?

Understand the unfolding patterns and trends to prepare for a flourishing and sustainable future. Move from simply reacting to the issues of today, to thinking systematically about the necessary conditions for success tomorrow. Read more about Foresight >>


How can ‘beginning with the end in mind’ improve performance today?

Inform the future through foresight and looking ‘back’ to the present from a desired future. Inform the collaborative and systematic processes to yield the strategic choices needed to move from intention to reality. Read more about Strategy >>


How can we empower places and communities as catalysts and leaders of positive change?

Through informed co-creative and co-development processes, groups can generate capability for regeneration and transformation of living systems (including human systems). 
Read more about Regeneration >>

Who We Are

Dave Waldron and Katie Pease are the founders and partners of Synapse Strategies. With over 40 years of experience and a diverse portfolio of award-winning projects, the team brings a fresh, optimistic approach to strategic leadership towards a flourishing, sustainable future and welcomes the opportunity to explore new challenges.